Exclusive Interview with T.L.I.D

Exclusive Interview with T.L.I.D

Would you tell us about yourselves?

Our names are Yam (25) and Itamar (26), and we are from Israel.
Before we started T.L.I.D, Itamar had his project called “The Long Island,” After we decided to make this duo, we think about a lot of names, and we decided to take the capital letters from each word from “The Long Island” and we got T.L.I.D.

How did you first get into music production?

Itamar: The first time I fell in love with EDM was when I first saw Hardwell’s show in Ultra Miami 2014, and that’s how I started to fall in love with EDM production.
Yam: I fall in love with EDM when I saw “Tomorrowland” 2012. Itamar and I know each other from the military, a few months after I was released from the army in 2016, I surfed the internet at home, and suddenly I saw an ad for electronic music school in Tel Aviv called “BPM.”.
After seeing the ad and thinking about studying musical production, I contacted Itamar that I remember studying electronic music production.
Itamar was like a mentor for me and helped me to be the producer I am today.

What were you both doing before the duo was formed and how did you both come together?

Yam: Before I was a music producer, I was a basketball player. I played from the age of 6 to the age of 18 in Israel. My dream was to be a basketball player. I like sports especially basketball. if you asked me at age 18 if I became a music producer, I would tell you that you are hallucinating.
Itamar: From an early age, I loved music. I played guitar from the age of 12 to 18. I was in music school. I wouldn’t say I liked electronic music at first. I liked rock music. I always thought I would be involved in music, I didn’t know it would be a music producer, but it was still my dream to work in music.

Can you walk us through the process of creating your new track “Don’t You Worry”?

We finished the idea of “Don׳t You Worry” shortly after we released our single “Me & You.” but we had a problem with the vocal in the brake, it׳s toke us one month to find the right vocal for this single and that׳s it, we love this track, and we hope you guys like it too.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Mike Williams, RetroVision.

What are your 3 favorite songs at the moment?

There is more than 3 songs but this is our favorites .
Bancali – Nothing To Do
Conor Ross – Dance
Jordan Jay & Mo Falk – Back In Time

What is your favorite synth and how did you create your unique sound?

Our favorite synth is definitely Serum,
And how we create our sound? Our sound made of 7 different lyres, we use the pitch bend on the midi notes to make it sound more interesting.

What is the most essential production tip?

Be crative. Try to learn to produce a lot of different genres.
We think that a good producer needs to know how to produce any genre.

Any essential tip would you like to give to up-and- coming artists?

Try to be more social than others. Try to contact with other producers. Believe in yourself, And try always to be the best.

What do you have planned for the future of T.L.I.D?

Start to perform in the world, build a big fan base, maybe have big collabs this year, cause we didn׳t make a collaboration yet, and release a lot of good music for you guys.

Thank you so much to T.L.I.D for taking the time to answer our questions!
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